Oh. Hi. Welcome.

My name is Alpha. Welcome to my personal website mainly for archiving my work. There's some other stuff that might interest you, though. This site is mainly made for desktop in mind, but I'll try to do mobile stuff anyways. Have fun.

Latest Updates


New journal entry and art! I even fixed the images in the Artwork page. I'm in quite a benevolent mood!


Woah! A banner and some other stuff with a silly looking wolf on it. I still haven't moved images to another host for that. Oh well!


New styles for navbars and this update section! Wahoo!


Hello! Sorry it's been a while. Anyways, I've updated the gallery. I want to make it more space efficient, though. I'll figure out something later.


Wowie zowie, there's so much new stuff! New styles! A new random thoughts page! Journal entries that toggle when clicked.


Hello hello. It's been a while. I changed the format of the site. It's not exactly nice looking yet, but I think this will be better to work off with. I'll focus on adding nicer stuff as I go on. The website is still definitely a work in progress.